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Forex Trading
In the ever-volatile and lucrative world of Forex, day trading stands tall as an incredibly effective strategy. Foreign exchange is a very turbulent field, with prices seeing constant change every single day. Though at the outset, most fluctuations seem haphazard and random, every movement obeys a certain trend. With practice, these trends can be capitalized on. Patterns are a deciding factor in Forex trading; depending on your ability to capture and capitalize on trends, you Read More
Forex Demo Account
What is Forex Trading? To put foreign exchange into one sentence is difficult. It is a culmination of several aspects, small and big, that add up to make one of the most lucrative fields today. The Forex market houses over $5 trillion in value and the numbers are only growing. Each country has its own currency; some have a higher value than other, some, and the opposite. Trading these currencies is what makes up Forex. Read More
Forex Trading

Forex 1 Minute Scalping Strategy Guide

Posted on August 27, 2018
After you enter Forex, you will come across various trading strategies people use in the currency trading market. Each one has a different timeframe, outcome, and risk. One of these strategies is predominantly practiced – scalping. Traders use this strategy consistently on a large number of trades and reap small profits. Employing one or the Forex trading strategy is necessary, without which you’ll be a wanderer traversing through the risky roads of foreign exchange, aimlessly. Read More
Online Trading
Online trading simplifies the physical act by letting you trade online from the comfort of your home. Be it stocks, bonds or futures – with an equipped trading platform you can enter any domain. Digitization has reached the trading genre, and now trades can be carried out from anywhere around the world! Online trading has several advantages over the other genre: 1) Low Transaction Fees The initial advantage of online trading over conventional means is Read More
Forex trading is currently, and undeniably will be, the biggest financial market in the world. With multitudes of currency floating around, the need for exchange is imminent. Tourism, import/export, activities like these involve a lot of currency exchange, and this currency exchange fuels the never-ending furnace of Forex. Forex market is the single most large, liquid financial market to exist today. Its sheer presence dims the other markets. To depict it for easier understanding, the Read More